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Thai Language – Part 1: Basic Rules & FAQ’s

When visiting any foreign country where English is not the primary language, it’s always good to know some phrases in the local language. This shows that you put in the time beforehand to  connect with them. When training Muay Thai in Thailand, most people you encounter are not going to speak English well. You might meet one or two token people at the gym that have worked overseas and/or had better education opportunities that can communicate with you proficiently. Chances are,

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My Experience Fighting at Muay Hardcore & What It Was Like to Wear Female Groin Protection (Fight Video Included!)

This post will be different than my prior posts in that this is an account of my own experience. I usually write about other fighters, but I had a lot of people ask what it was like to fight in MMA gloves, and also how wearing a female groin protector was like. BE PREPARED to read the word “crotch” many many times.

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