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Top 6 Myths About Thai Fighters

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When the people think about Thailand, they often associate the country with elephants, beaches, and sex shows. Thailand is a complex country that deserves much more than to be boiled down to three things (that are, more often than not, nothing more than tourist traps). The same could be said about Muay Thai. The thought of Muay Thai can bring up pieces of information that people associate with the national sport of Thailand. Often over-generalized, much of this information is either outdated, passed down from one misinformed person to the next, or simply untrue. Let's bust some common myths people believe about Muay Thai fighters in Thailand.

Eating Kosher in Thailand

While the term "kosher" is barely heard within Thailand, it's not completely unknown within the country. In this Thai Language multi-article series, we explore the basics of Muay Thai and what you need to get around and get what you need while in the country! Welcome to Thai Language – Part 4d.

How To Prepare for Thailand’s High Volume Training

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Running, followed by three hours a session, two sessions a day, six days a week. Rinse and repeat. This training regimen is more than double, sometimes even quadruple, the amount of what people are used to. Due to the structure of Muay Thai classes and lifestyle outside of Thailand, a majority of people just can't dedicate that much time to training when they're in their home country.

Basic Practices in Thailand When You Have a Dietary Restriction

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If there's a surplus of anything in Thailand, it's definitely FOOD! Turn around any corner and you'll see carts selling various yummy-smelling snacks and treats. However, for picky eaters and those with dietary restrictions, it's not as simple as "I see it, I eat it." This is when knowing certain phrases is useful - you can get knowledge of the ingredients used and inquire if they can make something suitable for you.

Audiences Allowed Back In Thailand’s Stadiums

Some more good news from Thailand regarding the fight scene: A few days ago, the Ministry of Tourism & Sports of Thailand signed an order that will allow audiences back into stadiums starting August 13, 2020. Please support the continuation of content on Muay Ying via Patreon Many Muay Thai fans are rejoicing as they have another option in addition to watching from their electronic devices. This is great news for the stadiums that charge spectators, foreigners and Thais, entrance fees.

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Arrest Warrant Issued For Pornsanae for Murder

On the night of July 30th, Sawang Charoenmak, a 43-year old man from Kanchanaburi province who was popular for raising cock-fighting chickens, was shot six times. He died on the way to the hospital. The main suspect in this case is 38-year old famous (and now retired) Muay Thai fighter, Pornsanae Sitmonchai (legal name, Noppasit Chinjaiyen. This article will use the name “Noppasit”). Please support the continuation of content on Muay Ying via Patreon According to Khaosod, the victim’s wife, Patcharee

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Muay Thai Fights are Officially Back on in Thailand – With Some Precautions

With gyms given the “OK” to open up again early June, many gyms scrambled to get their fighters back in shape for the shows that were rumored to start in mid to late June. However, those shows that were announced, mainly at Channel 7 and Omnoi, were postponed due to the government still forbidding fights from happening. Many fighters breathed a sigh of relief as it gave them more time to get their bodies back in shape after months of

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Registration for Financial Assistance is Finally Open – 25 Million Baht to Help those in the Muay Thai Industry

Back in April, a budget of 25 million baht was approved by the Professional Boxing Association (via Sports Authority of Thailand) in Thailand. Not many details were released then aside from that the money will first go towards young fighters aged 15-18, and then to Muay Thai trainers. On May 19, 2020, registration to receive financial aid finally opened. This money will go towards helping Fighters 15 years old and older Originally proposed to help young fighters first, it’s now been revised to

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