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FIGHTER SPOTLIGHT: Niclas “The Dreamchaser” Larsen

Niclas R. Larsen made sure his debut in China was not one to be forgotten. Often the underdog, this time at Kunlun Fight 71 was no different. “For most of my fights I’ve been the underdog and I don’t have a problem with that. I actually like to be the underdog,” said Niclas with a smile on his face.

Fighting Against the Odds: Being a Foreigner Fighting a Thai in Thailand

Whether or not you’re a fan of watching organized sports, how many times have you found yourself cheering for the team that represented your city or state? And during the Olympics, do you cheer for the country you’re from or the other team? Despite many not knowing everything (and some not knowing anything) about a sport or a team’s capabilities, many tend to gravitate to the team they identify with the most. Many want that team to be victorious because

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