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My Experience Fighting at Muay Hardcore & What It Was Like to Wear Female Groin Protection (Fight Video Included!)

This post will be different than my prior posts in that this is an account of my own experience. I usually write about other fighters, but I had a lot of people ask what it was like to fight in MMA gloves, and also how wearing a female groin protector was like. BE PREPARED to read the word “crotch” many many times.

Dealing with Fragile (Male) Ego: A Response to Sylvie’s Post, “KO’d My Clinch Partner in Training – And it Was a Good Thing”

Before you read this post, please keep in mind that this is not referring to all men.  When I saw the title of Sylvie’s post, I was a bit hesitant. I didn’t know what perspective this was being written from, and part of me was unsure of reading something that might be about how it would teach your inexperienced training partner to be tougher or other hyper-masculine bullshit. But as I was reading it, I found myself relating to many points made

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