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Another All-Female Tournament Put On Hold

On December 9, Korat was home to “Ladies Fight Thailand”, a promotion with almost all females on the card. There was a title fight (WMC @ 40 kg) as well as the kick-off of the featured 8-woman tournament @ 53 kg.

The semi-finals of the tournament were supposed to be held on January 25th, but problems have arised, according to the promoter. Not even a month after the finals of the World Muay Thai Angels tournament, which was infamous for being poorly organized and resulted in the loss of two of the semifinalists, Ladies Fight Thailand seems to be having similar issues.

The promoter, who goes by the nickname Noi, griped that because he has trouble finding sponsors for the show, he has trouble setting it up to begin with, and doesn’t have money to pay the fighters at the moment. With no date in sight in the near future for the second installment of the tournament, it gives the fighters a resentful echo of Muay Thai Angels.

The favored contestant, Wondergirl Lookjaroonsak, won her match in December with a controversial decision. The promoter trains Wondergirl, so there was a lot of speculation if she truly deserved that victory or not.

Noi reportedly also underpaid some of the fighters at the show after promising them a certain amount. Because of these circumstances, there are doubts on the validity of a 200k Baht grand prize for winning the tournament.

Hopefully, Ladies Fight Thailand can get their act together and learn from the mistakes of Muay Thai Angels. Muay Thai fans are waiting to see who will come out on top as the best 53 kg female fighter.

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