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Nongrose to fight at Rajadamnern Stadium in a big show by Onesongchai – Fight Card

Onesongchai and Singmawin TBM are teaming up to host one of the biggest shows at Rajadamnern Stadium this year. On June 7th, 2017, some huge fights are happening at the legendary stadium, including a 2-million Baht side bet between Purngol and Wanchalong.

What’s extremely special about this event is kathoey fighter Nongrose will be fighting at the stadium. Onesongchai specially requested Nongrose (you can read more about her here) to be able to fight and they said yes. This is a bit controversial because women are not allowed to even touch the ring, much less go in it. But it seems like because they believe since Nongrose was born male and that because she is still anatomically male, she will be an exception to the rule. Nongrose will have a 2 pound advantage over Sueayai.

Fights start at 6:30 pm. If you’re in Thailand, do yourself a favor and head over to Rajadamnern this day and be in for a night of exciting fights.

Fight Card
Purngol Tor. Surat vs Wanchalong PK Saenchaigym@ 116 lb
Prajanchay PK Saenchaigym vs Morakot Komsaimai @ 121-122 lb
Pakkalek Tor Laksong vs Tuan Kor.Kumpanart @ 127 lb
Ginksanglek Tor. Laksong vs Kumandoy Phetjaroenvit@ 117 lb
Nongrose Pholcharoen vs Sueayai Chor. Hapayak @ 111-113 lb
Suriyanlek Or.Bor.Tor. Kampi vs Karn Kor Kumpanart @ 124 lb
Kwandome Torminburi vs Samernai Por. Angtong @ 121 lb
Roicherng Singmawin vs Tong A Kor.Kumpanart @ 118 lb
Kompayak vs Dao @ 106 lb

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