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Upcoming Docuseries on Woman Fighters in Thailand – Collaboration with Jojo Immortals

Yep, you read that right. Muay Ying and JoJo Immortals are looking to collaborate on a project that focuses on the women in Muay Thai.

Who is JoJo Immortals?

JoJo is a film student at Rangsit University. Before the most recent shutdown of Muay Thai events last month, he attended the Channel 8 events (Super Champ and Muay Hardcore) every week to take photos and videos, all on his own accord. He also has gone to various Thai Fight events to do the same. And this is all as someone who does not do this for the paycheck – he simply loves fighting and enjoys creating videos from what he sees and enjoys.

Muay Ying x Jojo Immortals

Before the new year, JoJo expressed a desire to put his film skills to use for a project that was beyond fight highlights. He and I spoke of some possible ideas and we are excited to share what want to create with the Muay Thai community.

We want to do a documentary series, and that project can eventually lead to other projects within the Muay Thai community (with focus still on women, of course). We will give spotlight to the fighters in Thailand that have little to no name outside of the country, yet are serious powerhouses when it comes to skill and grit. We want to create a series of short biographical videos for each of these fighters.

To start, we will shoot, edit, and release one video and see how it is received. If it is received well, we will continue with this series instead of moving onto another idea.

Resources and Fundraising

Updates (April 1): Pre-orders for the shorts have closed. If you would like to support the project, you can do so via Patreon, becoming a project sponsor, or make a one-time donation. Please email for more information.

I will help with the planning, logistics, and all the other “behind the scenes” roles for this project. JoJo will film and edit these videos. We have no hesitations when it comes to putting in our time and energy towards what we are passionate about: expanding the scope of what people know about the art of eight limbs.

However, there are certain factors to this project that our time and expertise will not fill, such as travel costs and hiring extra help. To help fill these gaps, we will be fundraising for the project through the sale of Muay Thai shorts, priced at $45 USD/pair (this includes worldwide shipping).

We are only taking pre-orders for these shorts, and they run from kids sizes, XXS in adult to 4XL in adult. We recommend going up a size from what you usually are due to sizing disparities (if you are usually a Medium in regular clothes, go with size Large for the shorts).
For example, I am 5’2″ (157 cm) tall, weigh 54 kg (119 lb) and usually wear size XS-S in clothes, but wear a size Medium for these shorts.

Please note that these shorts will bein the “running shorts” style cut in microfiber material. The shorter length means you won’t need to roll them up during training! The final shorts design may vary slightly from the above picture.

We plan to take pre-orders until mid-March. After that, we will put the shorts into production (2-3 weeks), and your shorts will be shipped out after that.

We are also open to taking sponsors for this project. If you are interested in getting involved, please email

How To Order

  1. Fill out this form so we know you’re interested! Also, the form will give us information on your size and where to send the shorts.
  2. Wait for a follow-up email on how to make the payment through various channels:
    • Venmo
    • Paypal
    • QuickPay (US Only)
    • Bank transfer (Thailand only)
    • If you have another channel you prefer to make the payment through, please mention it in the form!
  3. Follow us to be updated on Muay Thai in Thailand and on the status of the shorts!

In the event you forgot to include necessary information or want to change the information provided, please email with proof of payment and we’ll get it sorted out together!

Fighter, social media manager, content creator and writer. Currently training and fighting full time in Bangkok. Originally from NYC.

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