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Petchyindee Academy Assists Gyms with Almost 1/2 Million Baht During COVID-19 Crisis

On March 30, Boat, the manager and co-owner of Petchyindee Academy in Bangkok, posted on Facebook about how he is thinking of the best ways to help out the Muay Thai community and its gyms/fighters in Thailand. With COVID-19 forcing the government to shut down gyms and all sporting events, including fights, Muay Thai is suffering in so many ways in the motherland. Fighter, trainers, and gym owners have no income due to their fighters being unable to compete (and make money from their fights), and there is no income coming in from the tourist side, being as all gyms and fitness centers must be closed for at least the next couple of weeks (at the moment of writing, all gyms and fitness centers have been ordered to close until April 14, a change from the original April 1). For more details and a timeline of COVID-19’s impact on Muay Thai, click here.

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Yesterday, on March 31, he released the details in another post of exactly how he, on behalf of Petchyindee Academy, was going to help. He has sent 10,000 baht to a list of 45 gyms in Thailand, each. This totals 450,000 baht. Most of the gyms are in Bangkok and the Northeastern provinces (“Isaan”), but there are gyms from the North and Southern regions included in the list as well:


Central Thailand:

  1. Anuwat Gym
  2. Meenayothin
  3. FA Group
  4. Wor. Arucha
  5. Sasiprapa
  6. Numponthep
  7. Samart Payakaroon (Poptheeratham)
  8. Luksuan
  9. 13 Coins
  10. Wor. Wang Phrom
  11. Nor. Naksin
  12. Sitthepprathan
  13. Sitcharoensap
  14. Sor. Wisetkit
  15. Tor. Surat
  16. Ayothaya Fight Gym
  17. LukklongtanSouthern Thailand:
  18. Sakwichian
  19. Sor. Chaicharoen
  20. Kiatichaiyut
  21. Por. Petchmakong
  22. Sakpinyo
  23. Sitkrunoch
  24. Kiatnadee
  25. Erawan
  26. Rawai Muay Thai
  27. SinghsorramNortheastern Thailand
  28. Kiatmoo9
  29. Santi Ubon
  30. Eung Ubon
  31. Gratiemwitaya School
  32. Kiatfalikhit
  33. Sittongbon
  34. Janwitgausrang
  35. T-Ded Lo Ngern
  36. Sor. Jitphrasert
  37. Sitdaukjit
  38. Gor. Kantiwong
  39. Prae Tongcharoenyon
  40. Sitjekan
  41. Lukjaomaesaitong
  42. Sitkrupian
  43. Wor. Wattana
  44. WandeekasetNorthern Thailand:
  45. Kiatchatchai


It’s with confidence to say that what Petchyindee Academy is doing at this time is being received with much gratitude. Some gym owners have used the money to send their trainers some money, as they’re out of work. Others are most likely going to use the money for rent and up-keeping the gym, with some of it going to the fighters and trainers.

Boat included in the latest post that if any other gyms in the country need financial assistance during this time, they can request for help by providing the gym name and related documents to confirm the owner’s identity and bank account number (to prevent fraud). This means that there will be an updated list of gyms he will or has helped.

During this difficult time, we need more people like Boat in this world, who are in a better position than the rest of us and are willing to help lift others up.

Edit April 2: Petchyindee has helped these gyms and organizations, in addition to the ones mentioned before:

  • Isaan Tractor – 5,000 baht
  • Sor. Thanyalak (Denapho, Petch Thailand) – 10,000 baht
  • Phayanon Gym – 10,000 baht
  • Thongnoi Village – 5,000 baht
  • Sit. Pha Rang – 10,000 baht
  • Sor. Phuangthong – 10,000 baht
  • Ajarn Yuthachai – 10,000 baht
  • Sit. Thailand – 10,000 baht
  • Petchtuangbay – 50,000 baht
  • Kiat Pattarapan – 10,000 baht
  • Bank Euro – 10,000 baht
  • Charinsak Co., Ltd. – 10,000 baht
  • Sit. Khunwasan – 10,000 baht
  • Ajarn Prasert – 10,000 baht
  • Chang Mongkol Sports Center – 5,000 baht
  • Muay Thai Bicycles – 10,000 baht

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