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Phoenix 2 Championship Fight Results

Phoenix 2 put on a very exciting show with high level fighters.

The females fought all 5 rounds, and Shevchenko became the new WMC World Champion.

Labban knocked down Ibraham three times in the first round, getting him a TKO win

The fight between Sinno and Hussein was clinch-heavy. Hussein was knocked down in R2 and was cut by a punch, giving Sino the victory after three rounds.

Ghorabi seemed to be getting the better of Willmott until he got caught with a punch that KO’ed him.

Roche and Banks went into an elbow war and the doctor had to stop the fight in the second round, awarding Banks the W.

In the main event, Saenchai and Hlali went the distance, but once again, Saenchai proved that he is the greatest P4P fighter and was victorious after five rounds.


*Winner in bold

Saenchai vs Aziz Hlali (FR) *Decision
Mohamad Ghorabi vs David Willmott *KO
Kassem Daher vs Mohamad Salama – WMC Continental Title *Decision
Armen Grigoryan vs Xie Wei – WMC Inter-Continental Title *Decision
Antonina Shevchenko vs Isa Keskikangas – WMC World + Phoenix Titles *Decision
Wendell Roche vs Steven Banks *TKO
Jihad Mekdad vs Ali Garcia *TKO
Musipon Pakorn vs Morgan Adrar – WMC World Title *Decision
Ziad Sinno vs Mohanad Hussein *Decision
Ahmed Labban vs Ahmed Ibrahim (EG) *TKO

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