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Women’s Fight Muay Thai World Championships 2017 – Fight Videos & Results

On June 8, 2017, Bangkok Thonburi University was  home to the Women’s Fight Muay Thai World Championships, an all-female fight card. Originally scheduled to be in Pattaya, they moved the bout over to Bangkok about a week before the fights.

Petchjeeja put on a technical performance against Sandra from Phuket Top Team, who was aggressive and charging forward the entire fight.

Fani Sasiprapa surprised Tisha with her strength and ring control and was victorious.

Dokmaipa cut KC during their title fight bout and got the win after 5 rounds, securing the WMC title at 60 kg.

Claire Baxter worked her distance and fakes well and won over Fahseetong for the 63 kg WMC title.

Sawsing faced Juliana once again and outworked her in the clinch. Sawsing got the win after 5 rounds.


Main Fight CardWinner bolded in red
Petchjeeja Or.Meekun vs Sandra Phukettopteam (SW) @ 49 kg
Tisha Wor Por Sukhothai vs Fani Sasiprapagym (GR) @ 52 kg

Dokmaipa Kietpompetch vs KC Sinbimuaythai (US) @ 60 kg – WMC Title
Fahseetong Sitsureung vs Claire Wor.Santai (AU) @ 63 kg – WMC Title

3 x 2 rounds
Sawsing Mor.Rattanabundit  vs Juliana Rosa @ 57/58 kg

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